Gluten Free Cookie Dough Truffles

Safely indulge in some egg-free, gluten-free cookie dough with these delicious truffles!
Gluten Free Cookie Dough Truffles |

Gluten free cookie dough you can eat. Do I even have to keep writing this post? Aren’t the words “cookie dough” enough for you? Maybe “cookie dough covered in chocolate” will help make up your mind.

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Truffles |

I’ll try writing a little more, but if you skip straight down to the recipe I will understand. These truffles/balls of cookie dough are simply perfect. Spot-on cookie dough taste, but minus the gluten (obviously) and minus the eggs. Because as good as raw cookie dough tastes, there’s that whole raw egg issue that allegedly exists.

The best part about making these is that you don’t even have to pretend like you’re going to bake them. The dough comes together so easily and just needs a little time to chill. You can cover them in chocolate or not, it’s totally up to you because this is cookie dough and cookie dough is personal. I covered most of mine in a half bittersweet half semisweet mix (because I only had about half a bar of each, not because I was deliberately trying to be difficult.) Some of them I left uncovered, though, because I love the way they look like cookies just about to go in the oven, and also because I was bringing some of these over to my parents’ house and my mom isn’t a huge chocolate fan. (Strange, I know.)

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Truffles |

These are great eaten as is, but also perfect broken into smaller pieces and used as an ice cream topping. No gluten, no eggs, no problem.

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Truffles
Prep: 2 min  Chill: 1 hour   Makes: ~18 truffles

½ cup all purpose gluten free flour (I used Cup4Cup.)
¼ cup granulated sugar
½ cup dark brown sugar, packed (Can use light, too.)
½ cup mini chocolate chips (Regular sized chocolate chips will work, but might overwhelm the truffles.)
1 tsp vanilla extract
5 tablespoons butter, melted
4 oz. semisweet or bittersweet chocolate for coating

Directions:1. In a medium bowl, whisk GF flour and both sugars together very well until brown sugar lumps have mostly disappeared. Stir in chocolate chips.
2. Add vanilla extract to melted butter. Pour butter over GF flour mixture and stir until all combined.
3. Cover dough and chill in fridge for an hour.
4. Using a spoon or a small cookie scoop (I used my 2 tsp small cookie scoop) scoop dough. Place truffles in fridge until ready to serve or to dip in chocolate.
5. If coating dough balls in chocolate, melt chocolate in microwave very carefully or in a double boiler. (I place a metal bowl over a pot of simmering water and melt the chocolate in that.)
6. Drop cookie dough balls in chocolate to coat. Remove from chocolate with a fork, allowing excess to drip off. Place onto parchment or wax paper to dry. Let sit in fridge to harden before serving.

5 thoughts on “Gluten Free Cookie Dough Truffles

  1. These truffles look amazing! Who doesn’t love little balls of cookie dough wrapped up in chocolate? Delicious!
    Pinning these.

      1. Mmmmm… these are not going to help me lose weight! I will have to make them, eat a couple and give the rest away!! 😜

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