Welcome to Em the Baker! I’m Emily, a marketing professional by day and baker by all other hours. I’ve had a serious baking obsession since I was little. A celiac diagnosis couldn’t stop that! I’ve always been determined to keep making (and more importantly, eating) the sweet treats I love!

In Fall 2013, I decided that the internet could become my virtual taste-testers. I vowed to start a blog, bake what I wanted, and share the recipes and results with the blogging community. I loved doing it. The feedback my readers gave me was wonderful! Every comment or email I got about how one of my gluten free cupcake recipes saved the day at a birthday party warmed my heart. I took a two year hiatus to move to Charleston and focus on my career, but now it’s time to get back to baking and sharing. Welcome back to Em the Baker.

I hate that so many gluten-free recipes I find online require huge lists of hard-to-find ingredients. I don’t really have the energy (or pantry space) to stock 15 different types of gluten-free flour. I assume you don’t either, so I promise I’ll try to keep my recipes as simple as possible!

To my new online taste-testers and recipe readers, gluten-free or not, I hope y’all are hungry!

Happy baking!


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